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The most secure identity solution

Onboard new customers, let them log in without a password, and get documents easily signed. itsme is Belgium's most popular app with almost 7 million users. Now available across Europe.

  • First-class digital security

    Security is in our DNA. The itsme app is passwordless, multi-factor and reliable. By using next-generation encryption technology, we are secure from the core to every endpoint. With itsme, you strengthen your business against overall security risk.

  • Easy integration

    itsme can be easily adopted by any type of business. It seamlessly integrates with various platforms and devices, enabling businesses to use itsme for essential customer interactions.

  • A great customer experience

    When creating an account or logging in is made simple, it results in increased conversions. That's why itsme ensures that every interaction is easy, straightforward, and recognizable.

  • Fully compliant

    Certified at the highest levels by the European eIDAS regulation and compliant with European guidelines, regulations and multi-industry standards.

What we offer

Unique combination of services

Choose between three Identity services and a Qualified Electronic Signature. We offer direct integrations and are also compatible with various eID hubs or KYC platforms.


Digitize and automate customer enrolment for a swift and impressive first interaction.


Enhance your business's security and eliminate the need for passwords.


A user-friendly and secure approach for approving online transactions.


A legally valid signature, available on all major European and international document platforms.

Data sharing

In addition to their identity data, customers can share other reliable data while safeguarding their privacy.

Get in touch

Our team is available to help and give advice. Schedule a call with our experts, learn more about our product and what it can mean for your business.

Cross-sector application

itsme is being used across various industries, providing user-friendliness and security. The versatile services of the itsme app can be applied to any business, ensuring both convenience and peace of mind.

  • Banking & finance

    Elevate digital banking with itsme – the passport to swift and secure transactions and fast and compliant KYC.

  • Insurance

    Unbox simplicity, making online claims easy. Fast-track your business in a secure and efficient way.

  • Online gaming

    Roll the dice with confidence! itsme® ensures a swift onboarding and login process. Betting on security, leaving fraud in the dust.

  • Government

    Unlock the digital door for every citizen. With itsme®, government services become a tap away – secure, seamless, and citizen-centric.

  • HR

    Onboarding at warp speed, signing documents, securing HR secrets, and making compliance a breeze. Your ultimate workforce's digital companion