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The most secure identity solution for your business

Onboard new customers, verify their identity with a passwordless login, and get documents signed with a single app. A trustworthy identity solution, built on security, that uniquely combines four different services.

  • First-class digital security

    Security is in our DNA. itsme is passwordless, multi-factor and reliable. By using next-generation encryption technology, we are secure from the core to every endpoint. With itsme, you strengthen your business against overall security risk.

  • Fully compliant

    Probably the most trustworthy identity solution you will ever meet. Certified at the highest levels by the European eIDAS regulation and compliant with European guidelines, regulations and multi-industry standards.

  • Beyond a good customer experience

    Security and ease of use go hand in hand: every action is smooth, simple, and recognizable. By providing a frictionless user experience, itsme fosters digital trust and confidence.


Unique combination of services

Choose between three Identity services and a Qualified Electronic Signature and combine them to create the perfect customer journey. We offer direct integrations and are also compatible with various eID hubs or KYC platforms, the most common IAM platforms, and nearly all document management platforms.

Identity services

Easy client onboarding with a verified ID, a fast multi-factor and passwordless login, or a context-based consent. All your company identity needs fulfilled in one and the same app.

35 million

actions / month

Digital signing

itsme Sign delivers a Qualified Electronic Signature and has the same legal value as a handwritten signature. Our legally binding signature, placed in a blink of an eye and recognized in all EU countries.

1,300,000 +


Our customer success stories

Discover and learn from our customers who trust itsme with their digital transformation. Join the ecosystem of more than 800 companies. Stay up to date with the latest trends and let's improve the digital experience of each citizen together.


Cross-sector adaptive digital identity

To empower each and every person with a secure and easy-to-use identity, we provide a single but multi-functional digital key that works cross-sectorally and in conjunction with both government and private institutions. So, if your company needs to comply with the highest security requirements or is looking for an easy and secure identity or signing method for its clients, itsme is what your business needs.

Government and semi-government
Sharing economy
Travel and Hospitality
Real estate
Financial services
Bank and finance
  • 6.5 M + itsme® users
  • 800 + companies that use itsme®

Discover your needs

Our team is available to help and give advice. Schedule a call with our experts to discuss your business needs, to learn more about our product and what it can mean for your business.