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Financial sector

Secure digital banking with most satisfied customers

Meeting ever-changing financial regulations (KYC/AML) whilst combatting financial crime isn't easy. And bad digital interactions can lead to a loss of customer trust and loyalty. With itsme, you can ensure both security and compliance, while also delivering an exceptional customer experience.

The ultimate digital banking experience

itsme offers a complete identity solution that caters to different verification and identification needs.

  • Onboard new customers easily

    and stay in line with KYC and financial regulations.

  • Give them easy acces

    and reduce the risk of fraud.

  • Keep every transaction secure

    such as payments that need strong customer authentication and PSD2 compliancy.

  • Get documents legally signed

    such as mortgage loans, employer contract, etc.

Security by design

Cyber-resilient against fraud

Itsme offers a passwordless and multi-factor login, effectively deterring phishers and providing added security. Fraudsters are unable to obtain user credentials, ensuring a secure financial environment.

Better digital experience

Digital banking with higher conversion

itsme increases customer conversion by simplifying the onboarding process, eliminating the need to physically visit a branch. Opening new bank accounts online and giving your customers secure access to their financial data has never been easier.

User-friendly by design

Great customer satisfaction

With their smartphone and trusted itsme app, customers can do their finances anytime, anywhere, and from any device. No more frustration when a card reader is not at hand.

High-quality data

Regulatory compliance

With our verified and high-quality data, we assist financial companies in maintaining compliance with regulatory obligations (such as AML, KYC & PSD2) and help keep your database “clean”. 

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Bank van Breda boosts trust with itsme

70% of Bank van Breda customers currently use the itsme app to log in to the bank’s services, install the mobile banking app or confirm payments. And over the past six months, 85% of new app installations have been carried out using itsme.  

Talk to an expert

Our team is here to help and give advice.

Certified and compliant

We cover all the bases to maintain a competitive edge

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • European Banking Authority
  • Payment Services Directive
  • ISO 27001 Certified
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    identity with Level of Assurance High (eIDAS)
  • The Digital Operational Resilience Act