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Bank van Breda boosts trust with itsme

At the end of 2020, Bank van Breda first incorporated the itsme identity app into its various online services. Customers are able to use itsme to log in to the bank’s website, sign transactions and install the mobile banking app. These days, mobile banking takes centre stage in the way people handle their finances and when it’s so secure and easy to use (particularly with the help of itsme), you’re able to gain your customers’ trust.  

Bank van Breda 

Bank J. Van Breda is a bank that focuses specifically on professionals and business-owners, both for their personal and business requirements. The bank combines its niche commercial trademark with genuinely personal service and attaches a great deal of importance to gaining the trust of its customers. Ease of use and accessibility are the keys to success in this regard. 

70% of Bank van Breda customers currently use the itsme app

to log in to the bank’s services, install the mobile banking app or confirm payments. And over the past six months, 85% of new app installations have been carried out using itsme®.  

90% of all transactions are signed with itsme

90% of all transactions in the banking app that need to be signed with a digipass or itsme®, are signed with itsme®. So customers are clearly opting for itsme®, because as a user, you can switch smoothly between the banking app and itsme®. Using itsme® also provides a guarantee for the bank that the right person is signing – which makes the likelihood of fraud almost non-existent.  

itsme: secure, user-friendly banking 

The itsme app makes it easy for users to identify themselves and provides a transparent method of confirming digital payments. With itsme, a card reader is no longer needed and the data shared is always up to date, reliable and secure. Users themselves are in control of their data, so ease of use and security go perfectly hand in hand. itsme also complies with PSD2, FATF and GDPR requirements and because it has been awarded ISO 27001 certification, it is broadly applicable across the financial sector. This unique combination of features means that financial institutions such as Bank van Breda are extremely happy to incorporate itsme into their online services. 

itsme for your business? 

Choosing itsme is choosing for trust. The itsme ID app already has more than 6.5 million active users in Belgium and operates with various partners in a wide range of sectors: banking, government departments, healthcare, insurance, human resources, social secretariats, document management platforms, real estate, notaries, accountancy firms, service infrastructures and mobility, to name just a few. itsme guarantees a good user experience, combined with the highest level of security.  The customer’s privacy is always protected and it enables you to boost trust in your digital channels.