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Terms of use

of the itsme website

As all companies, if you use itsme’s services, you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy and Cookie policies. (Since Privacy and Cookie policies are such hot topics, we wrote different documents about them. Check them out!)

Just to be very clear: itsme changes its Terms every so often. Keep an eye on the website to check if they’ve changed. If you don’t agree with them (now or in the future), you can opt to stop using the website or the app at any time. To enable easy reading for you, we summarized our Terms and Conditions below into simple speak.

What’s on the itsme website?

  • Information: all information and graphics inform you about Belgian Mobile ID’s products and/or services

  • Up To Date content (as much as possible): the information you find on the site, may not always be up to date or complete. However, we try to update our site as much as possible.

  • Service: we try to keep the site running smoothly. If, for whatever reason, the site doesn’t work perfectly or isn’t available for a while, we cannot be held responsible. (Don’t worry - we hope this never happens.)

How to use the itsme website?

  • You’re very welcome to use all information you find on the site (and if you do, thanks!), but only if you use it for yourself and not for commercial purposes.

  • Please respect our intellectual property and refer to Belgian Mobile ID if you use the information from our site.

What do we expect from you?

  • Don’t try to break our service, manipulate the site or use harmful software or programs when you enter the site. (Seems like a no-brainer, but still.)