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Privacy Policy

Just to be very clear: itsme takes your trust and privacy very serious and processes as little personal data as necessary for our website. However, to provide you with the best experience possible, we need to process some personal data. If you use the itsme website, you agree to our Privacy policy.

itsme changes its Privacy policy every so often. Keep an eye on the website to check if they’ve changed. To enable easy reading for you, we summarized our Privacy policy below into simple speak.

1. The itsme website

What Personal Data itsme deals with?

  • Cookies: this covers data when you access the site, any personalized settings, and your browsing behavior.

  • Identification data: Like your e-mail, but only when given on a voluntary basis

Why and how itsme uses your data?

  • To keep you informed of any new features linked to our products and services

  • To respond to any questions, you may have

  • For direct marketing - but only if you agreed to it

  • To evaluate and improve our website

  • To perform research and analysis in order to improve our services

You are in control of your data, anytime, anywhere

  • You can access your data, and update them

  • You can withdraw your consent to data processing activities at all times

  • You can have your data erased

How itsme protects your data

  • Belgian Mobile ID always secures your data, when transmitted, stored or processed (if - and only if - you agreed to it, offcourse)

  • Data is securely stored in the safest Data Center in the EU that we could find.

  • We are also ISO 27001 certified

2. The itsme-app

What kind of Personal Data itsme deals with?

itsme is all about identity, security and privacy. We need at a minimum the following data to offer you the itsmeservice(s):

  • Identification data: Basically the information on your eID card

  • Security data: to protect you and the online services you use through itsme, we use information from your smartphone. This includes your location, as in: country indication only

  • Transactions: you will be able to prove what you did or did not, confirm to with itsme, up to 10 years after your last use of our service

  • Enrolment data: information on your initial enrolment to itsme.

Why and how itsme uses your data?

In the first place, we use your data to perform the itsme services you want: share data (only if you agree), login, confirm transactions
This includes archiving for evidentiary purposes

  • To keep you informed of changes to the itsme services

  • To respond to questions you may have

  • To check the use of the itsme services, also after marketing campaigns

  • To analyse, evaluate and improve our itsme services

Note that the data that we collected for the use of the App will not be used by us for direct marketing

You are in control of your data, anytime, anywhere

  • You can access your data via the App and update it

  • You can block your itsme services at any time

  • You can have your data removed from our operational systems

How itsme protects your data

  • We at Belgian Mobile ID always encrypt your data, when stored or when communicated to a service provider (if - and only if - you agreed to it, off course)

  • Your data is, very, securely stored in the safest Data Center in Europe we could find.

  • We went so far as to have external auditors validate our security: check our ISO 27001 certification