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Curvo easily onboards the next generation of European investors with itsme

Curvo Is a brand-new investment app (October 2021) and start-up company,  for whom gaining new clients is key. That is why Curvo offers itsme for effortless and compliant client onboarding: new Curvo clients go through the Know Your Customer process in a matter of minutes

Investing is a valuable tool to benefit from the growth of the world economy and improve your financial well-being. Yet sensible investing remains challenging for most. Curvo takes away the complexity of getting started investing for the long-term future. Millennials can with Curvo easily start investing without any previous financial knowledge or significant amount of capital. All they need is a smartphone, the installed Curvo app and itsme app. Read more: Curvo helps young Belgians to invest

Start smart with itsme

Curvo cofounders Yoran and Thomas wanted to create an app helping young professionals to improve their financial well-being safe and easy. Filling out long forms, scanning an eID and waiting more than a week for a clunky card reader... Curvo knew that millennials simply not accepted that kind of time-consuming procedures. New Curvo clients subscribe with only their smartphone and accounts are open on average within 5 minutes, which is amazingly fast and minimizes the risk of people leaving the onboarding process early.

“Itsme has streamlined the Know Your Customer" process and saved a lot of time for our users. Our young customers are happy to identify using a familiar mechanism like itsme without their passport or identity card documents. In just one click, all the required data is shared safely and securely. It allows for a 100% app-only experience which is a huge benefit for our customers and ourselves”, explains Thomas Ketchell, co-founder of Curvo.

Meeting regulatory obligations without compromising on user experience

As a recognised Electronic Identification Means (LoA High), itsme offers identification services at the highest level of assurance and security: the identification data entered and shared with itsme are always reliable, and safe.  Itsme is compliant with a series of uniform rules applied by the European Banking Authority (EBA) and with EU regulations and financial/KYC and security guidelines (AML/FAFT, GDPR, ISO 27001).

Client onboarding and login with itsme

Curvo also incorporated the itsme authentication service so that after registration, clients can use itsme to safely log in to their account and manage their wallet and investments. The itsme login is multi-factorial (= unique combination of your smartphone, your itsme app and your personal code) passwordless and can be used across different channels.

Strong partnership with international ambitions

"itsme has been a tremendous help for Curvo in launching their app for Belgians." Curvo was launched in October last year (2021) and today almost 350 Belgians signed-up with itsme. Although Curvo started with itsme in Belgium, the company is confident that itsme will become an instrumental partner as both expand beyond the Belgian borders. "We have ambitions to grow alongside itsme across Europe and are looking forward to their growth plans and trajectory as they expand their service to neighbouring countries. We are looking forward to this long-term collaboration." shared Thomas.

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