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Curvo helps young Belgians to invest

Investing may not be for everyone and it certainly requires some advance financial knowledge. So it makes sense that young people very often have no idea about how to get started with investing. Which is why Curvo gives them a helping hand. The Curvo app is targeted at millennials and you can easily start investing with it without any previous financial knowledge or significant amount of capital. All you need is your smartphone, the installed Curvo app and... your itsme

Curvo: innovative investing for millennials 

The aim of Curvo is to make young Belgians financially resilient in the face of the current pension crisis and rising inflation. Investing can be a powerful tool for increasing your personal capital in uncertain times. But with traditional banks and other financial institutions, investing can be difficult unless you have significant wealth. They also give you little or no guidance. But the Curvo investment app is totally unique, because not only does it allow you to start investing from just 50 euro, but you are also given appropriate professional guidance as well.  Which makes it ideal for novice investors seeking to increase their capital and who also want expert guidance throughout their investment journey. 

Passive investing: smart and forward-looking 

Curvo lowers the threshold for long-term investing. As a Curvo customer, you own a tiny part of thousands of companies all over the world.  Your money is invested in a variety of index funds, which means that your investments are diversified and therefore have a lower risk and provide a more consistent return than if you invested in individual shares. This means that while your passive investments won’t make you rich overnight, you will have greater certainty of making a profit in the longer term.  

Your money safely invested 

You can get started with Curvo for as little as 50 euro – and you can also stop when you want. You pay just 1% of your total investments (assets under management) to Curvo for their professional guidance and expertise. Every other cent is invested in full on your behalf. Your investments also come under the supervision of financial regulators and are protected by the European investor compensation scheme. 

A portfolio that fits you perfectly  

Want to get the most out of your savings? Looking to put a little money to one side for a new home? Or saving for your children? After sharing your identity details with itsme and answering a few questions, Curvo will draw up a tailor-made investment plan just for you. You set up a monthly plan with Curvo and enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that your money is working for you. To sum up, it means you can save on automatic pilot. 

 Quick out of the starting blocks, thanks to itsme 

Better still, you can start investing today. Simply download the Curvo app on your smartphone and create an account via itsme®. Using your trusted digital identity app, you can share the details of your ID and become a Curvo customer in no time at all. So there’s no need to go to a branch to have your identity card scanned or to make a scan of your identity card yourself. 

Secure login with itsme® 

Once you have created your account, you can log in securely at any time with itsme® without the need of a card reader and view your investments clearly.  After authenticating with itsme®, you’ll see a clear overview of your investments in the Curvo app. And thanks to itsme®, you can be certain that you and only you have access to your account. 

Certified digital identity: secure and reliable 

itsme always adheres to European regulations on online security and privacy. We are officially recognised by Europe as a reliable, ‘High’ level means of identification. We meet the very highest security standards set by eIDAS (European Regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions).  We also work closely with the banking sector and comply with a series of uniform European Banking Authority (EBA) rules. In practical terms, this means that you can share your identity with itsme in a secure digital environment.  Everything you need to know about digital security  



Since the launch of the app in October, Curvo has already welcomed almost 600 members and they have saved over 600,000 euro. You can view the profit and average return on investments at any time on their website.

Curvo also provides detailed explanations about how the app works and information about their financial expertise on their YouTube channel.

Want to start investing? Visit the Curvo website