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More than 6 million Belgians use itsme

Use itsme at over 800 companies to identify yourself online, log in, confirm transactions or sign documents. itsme is the secure, user-friendly digital identity that respects your privacy.

Digital security

Highest digital security

Your digital identity only works thanks to the combination of three elements: your smartphone, your itsme app and your personal itsme code. A unique combination which allows only you to access your digital identity.


1 app, many possibilities

Logging into your health insurance fund, confirming a payment to your bank, checking your insurance, submitting an application to your local authority, checking your pension online... with only your itsme . A unique app with many possibilities.

Ease of use

Intuitive and fast

With the itsme app, it is easy to let people know who you are and to log in safely. Wherever you are and whenever you want. So simple, anyone can do it!


You have control over your data

Your personal data is important. With itsme, only you decide what you share and with whom.

We respect eIDAS, the European Regulation on electronic identification tools, and the GDPR, the European data protection Regulation, resulting in the best possible protection for your data.

A digital identity for a digital society

Keep up to date with the latest news about itsme and find out more about all the advantages itsme has to offer.

For companies

Would you like to offer itsme to your clients?

Many companies have already integrated itsme as part of their digital strategy. To improve the security of customer authentication, to offer clients a better digital experience or to facilitate online signing. Whatever sector you operate in, itsme is the ideal digital key.