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Respect for your privacy

You're in control here. We make sure you know exactly what personal information you'll be sharing and who it's going to. We always ask for your permission before doing anything. And we won't use or give away your login and transaction details for any commercial purposes.

  • Transparancy

    Everything you do using itsme is totally transparent. You can see in the app what data you are sharing, what you are doing and with which partner.

  • No consent? No action!

    Whatever you do with itsme, you must always confirm and enter your secret code yourself. This ensures that your personal data is never shared without your permission.

  • No commercial use

    Any information related to the usage of itsme or any associated activities is considered confidential. We assure you that we will not share, reveal, or use this data for advertising, promotional, or any other commercial endeavors.

Your personal archive

Record of itsme actions

Do you want to know what data you have shared and with whom? You can review all the past actions in the menu of your itsme app.

Search for "My history" in your menu. After confirming with your secret code, you can view details of your itsme actions.

No more cookies on this website

itsme takes your privacy and trust very seriously. So we do not collect or request any data that are not strictly necessary. That is why we no longer have any cookies on this website and we only process the data that are necessary to improve your user experience.

Your personal data is important

That’s why itsme respects eIDAS, the European regulation for electronic identification tools, and GDPR, the European privacy regulation, resulting in the best possible protection of your data.

  • eIDAS: identity with level of assurance high

    itsme has been officially recognised by Europe as a reliable means of identification, at high level. The itsme app meets the predetermined security conditions of eIDAS (European regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions).

  • GDPR guidelines

    The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR comprises a series of rules designed to better protect the data of European citizens.

  • ISO: ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified

    itsme is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for the management of information security for the itsme app. This emphasises the high standard of availability provided by itsme services and the confidentiality and integrity of the user data.