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What do you need?

  • Your smartphone

  • A computer

  • An eID card reader

  • Your eID and PIN code

Watch our explaining video
  1. Step: 2

    Surf via your computer to this link

    Enter your phone number and e-mail address. Make sure to select the correct country code from the dropdown menu.

  2. Step: 3

    Connect your card reader and insert your eID card

    Read and sign the itsme contract by entering the PIN code of your eID.

  3. Step: 4

    You will receive your identification token

    You will have to enter it into the app later.

  4. Step: 5

    Take out your smartphone

    Open your itsme app and enter your phone number.

  5. Step: 6

    Enter the identification token

    In the itsme app, enter the identification token you received in step 4. Make sure to include CAPITAL letters and punctuation.

  6. Step: 7

    You will receive a verification code

    You will receive a text message with a verification code from the number 8836. Enter the 5 digits into the app.

  7. Step: 8

    Choose your itsme code

    And confirm again. Activate touch ID, fingerprint or face ID if you wish.

  8. Step: 9

    Your digital identity has been successfully created!

    Thanks for your trust.

Need more info? Watch the instruction video.

For companies

Would you like to offer itsme to your clients?

Many companies have already integrated itsme as part of their digital strategy. To improve the security of customer authentication, to offer clients a better digital experience or to facilitate online signing. Whatever sector you operate in, itsme is the ideal digital key.