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What do you need?

  • Your smartphone

  • A computer

  • An eID card reader

  • Your eID and PIN code

Watch our explaining video
  1. Step: 2

    Surf via your computer to this link

    Enter your phone number and e-mail address. Make sure to select the correct country code from the dropdown menu.

  2. Step: 3

    Connect your card reader and insert your eID card

    Read and sign the itsme contract by entering the PIN code of your eID.

  3. Step: 4

    You will receive your identification token

    You will have to enter it into the app later.

  4. Step: 5

    Take out your smartphone

    Open your itsme app and enter your phone number.

  5. Step: 6

    Enter the identification token

    In the itsme app, enter the identification token you received in step 4. Make sure to include CAPITAL letters and punctuation.

  6. Step: 7

    You will receive a verification code

    You will receive a text message with a verification code from the number 8836. Enter the 5 digits into the app.

  7. Step: 8

    Choose your itsme code

    And confirm again. Activate touch ID, fingerprint or face ID if you wish.

  8. Step: 9

    Your digital identity has been successfully activated!

    Thanks for your trust.

Need more info? Watch the instruction video.