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Most frequently asked questions

  • Activate: how can I activate my itsme account ?

    To activate itsme, you need to download the itsme app from the App Store or Google Play and create an itsme account. You can do this with your eID card (from the age of 18) or through your bank (start via the app itself)

    NOTE: Do you have a new smartphone, or new phone number or wish to reactivate the app after deleting or blocking it? You can follow the same activating procedure.

  • Login error: authentication interrupted on government websites:

    This issue is not linked to itsme. You can get this error message when you try to log in to government websites from a mobile web browser.

    How do I solve the problem?

    • Please make sure that you are using your smartphone's default web browser or that you aren't surfing in private mode. You can change the default browser in the settings of your smartphone. For Android, we recommend not using Samsung Internet but using a different browser instead. This will avoid the error message.

    TIP! if you visit the partner page via the itsme app, the issue won't happen!

  • Block: how can I block my itsme?

    Have you clicked on a suspicious link or noticed suspicious activity? And you'd like to block your account? Block your itsme account via the itsme website.

    ·      Enter your telephone number and given name(s). Please mind, enter all the given name(s) written exactly the same as it is written on your ID card.

    ·      Confirm that you wish to block your itsme account

    ·      Your account is now blocked (you will receive a confirmation by SMS)

    Afterwards, you can activate your account using your eID or through your bank.

  • Login error: Login to government apps

    When logging in to government apps, such as the ec3 app, you may currently get stuck on a page with an error message

    How can you solve this?

    1. Visit the website directly through your web browser. (Search via Google for e.g. EC3, my health, my medicines, my ebox,...)

    2. Choose to log in via itsme

    3. Confirm the action in the itsme app

    4. You will be redirected to the website and logged in!

    Make sure you always start in the default web browser and avoid private windows.

  • New number: what do I have to do when I have a new phone number?

    Is your itsme account active? Then you can easily change your phone number yourself in your itsme app.

    • Open your itsme app and go to the menu (top right corner for iOS, top left for Android).

    • Go to "my data" and there you can modify your phone number.

    • Follow the steps and confirm.

    Is your account not activated? Then you can reactivate it with your new number on our website. You will need a PC with a card reader. Just follow the instructions on this page with your new phonenumber.