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Most frequently asked questions

  • Get started: how can I create my itsme account?

    Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.  Then link your identity to your itsme account once. This can be done with a Luxembourg eID (with NFC) or a Luxembourg passport (with NFC). Follow the steps in your itsme app to activate your account.

  • Block: how can I block my itsme?

    Have you clicked on a suspicious link or noticed suspicious activity? And you'd like to block your account? Block your itsme account via the itsme website :

    ·      Enter your telephone number and given name(s). Please mind, enter all the given name(s) written exactly the same as it is written on your ID card.

    ·      Confirm that you wish to block your itsme account

    ·      Your account is now blocked (you will receive a confirmation by SMS)

    Afterward, you can reactivate your account in your itsme app.

  • New smartphone: how do I activate itsme on my new smartphone?

    Do you have a new smartphone? Download and install itsme on your new phone and reactivate your account by following the steps in the app.

    Note: Do you have a different phone number in the meantime? Then you need to contact us.

  • New number: what do I have to do when I have a new phone number?

    If you have a new mobile phone number, we need to reset your account. Afterwards, you must create a new account. Please follow these steps:

    1. Fill in this web form. Choose the category "change my details" and then "change phone number". Provide both your old and new phone numbers so we can get started right away. Don't remember the old number? Then be sure to provide the card number of your eID.

    2. After confirmation from our team, you need to create your account again.