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Access your Corona passport with itsme

Since itsme was officially accredited by the government at the beginning of 2018, Belgians have been using it increasingly. In the meantime, the app has grown to 3.5 million users, with an average of 3,500 new ones signing up each day. “itsme is a very fine example of a public-private partnership that has created a huge ‘win-win’ for everyone involved,” says Stephanie De Bruyne, CEO. “With the addition of FPIM/SFPI this is also reflected in our shareholder structure. Belgium may only be a small country, but we can be very proud of the things we achieve.”

This can also be seen from the latest collaboration with the Belgian government, the app. Using this ‘corona passport’, Belgians can show that they have been vaccinated, or have had a negative PCR test, or have built up immunity. The app has only been available since Wednesday 16th June and already more than 1 million Belgians have logged into it via itsme.

“The additional success of the past 2 weeks has established itsme even more firmly in Belgian society,” concludes Stephanie De Bruyne. “At the same time, projects such as this demonstrate that itsme is more than ready to play a role on the international stage. We are delighted that the shareholders are backing our plans for growth and have reconfirmed their faith in us in such a convincing manner. I firmly believe that together we can write a particularly beautiful story.”

The latest figures:

In 2017, the seven market leaders in the banking and telecommunications sectors launched itsme, the benchmark app in Belgium for digital identification, authentication and signature. The progress itsme has made in barely four years speaks volumes. Some new figures:

  • Today, more than 3.5 million citizens use itsme to identify themselves online, confirm digital transactions and sign documents electronically.

  • Some 45% of the adult population in Belgium have already created an itsme account.

  • On average, Belgian use itsme between 7 and 10 times each month with 150 partners. That adds up to over 18.5 million itsme authentications per month, with both private companies and government portals.