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Always have your notary with you thanks to Izimi and itsme

Long live your documents.

Life involves a lot of documents and not everything stands the test of time. Notarial acts or other important documents usually disappear somewhere deep into a filing cabinet or thick folder. And then when you really need them, the papers are nowhere to be found. The digital Izimi safe, recently available for smartphones, offers a user-friendly solution and uses itsme as a unique identification method. From now on, your notarized documents will have a long digital life.

A citizen or notary can easily consult documents using the Izimi digital safe from the Royal Federation of Belgian Notaries (Fednot). Diplomas, rental contracts, marriage settlements, insurance policies, investment documents, etc. can be stored in your Izimi safe. Create the safe for free, install the Izimi app, and log in easily anytime, anywhere with the itsme app.

Your Izimi with itsme

Easily create your Izimi account using itsme. The Izimi Vault is free to all users and you can immediately find all the deeds you signed before a notary public since 2015. So requesting a copy of a lost document from your notary is a thing of the past. Izimi is also thinking about the future. Because with Izimi, you can give permission for the contents of the Izimi safe to be transferred to your heirs.

Your digital notary with you anywhere, anytime

Thanks to the Izimi app, you’ve got your digital notary with you anytime, anywhere. You log in via itsme and securely upload, sort, and share all kinds of documents with your notary, family, or friends. The Izimi app is available for free in the App Store and the Google Play Store.