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More quality time with your family thanks to itsme

As a family, you have countless administrative tasks to deal with, such as applying for child allowance (Fortunately, more and more government departments are offering their services online, and you can use the itsme app to log in and deal with your administration and your household faster and more efficiently.

Online commune

You can apply for various certificates and deeds, such as family composition certificates, legal cohabitation certificates and birth certificates, via your commune’s online desk. Settling everything digitally means you do not have to make an appointment at an impossible time of day or wait for ages at the desk, saving you a lot of time and trouble.


As a parent or guardian, you can apply for your Groeipakket or child allowance on line via Myfamifed (Brussels), Fons (Flanders), Famiwall (Wallonia) or one of the other private payment agencies. After this, your child will be followed up at every stage in their life.

Working less

Need a break? Parenthood is a marvellous journey, but it can be a challenge too. Particularly in combination with a full-time job. That’s why you can apply for parental leave to take care of your children and your family (or yourself). To submit an application for parental leave or another form of temporary career break (paternity leave, pregnancy, etc.), go to

In addition, so that these welcome days off are not entirely taken up by vacuuming and folding washing, you can also call upon household help. You can order service vouchers via; you log in with itsme.

E-box: one point for all your administration

Finally, there is the e-box: a digital safe to keep your administration in order and retrieve official documents quickly. From your deeds and documents to applications and tax returns: all government administration is safely stored here.

By settling everything online, you can save valuable time. And just one click on the itsme® button gives you easy access to all these government platforms.