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Hospitals have more time for their patients thanks to itsme

Ever more hospitals are digitalizing, and as a result, patients can easily arrange their hospital affairs remotely. Today, every hospital has a different system or platform, which sometimes may cause frustrations. But the good news is that you can log in from anywhere using the itsme app. This makes all healthcare administration a lot more efficient, leaving more time for what really matters: patient care.

Digital hospital

Most hospitals offer their patients a digital environment or digital hospital. This can take the form of their own intranet, or they may use some umbrella hospital portals such as CoZo, NexuzHealth, Réseau Santé Wallon, Helena, etc. And access to these platforms is very simple and recognizable with itsme.

Via these digital environments, it is possible to arrange and consult a wide range of health care matters, such as:

  • Making or cancelling appointments

  • Lab or blood tests

  • Blood tests

  • Results of an MRI scan or other medical imaging

  • Consultation reports

  • Vaccinations ... and more!

Thanks to this digital environment, data can be retrieved quickly and can easily be shared with others. To do so, you or your health care provider does not need to spend a long time searching for documents, and a lot of time is saved for everyone.

Your medical file

Much of your medical data is stored in your medical file. This way, your data are always up-to-date, and you don't need to answer the same questions at every new visit to the doctor or emergency room. Result: a clear overview of your medical history and no valuable time wasted.

You can easily consult your medical file on the digital public platform Myhealth ( Logging in is also easy using itsme. This way, you always have access to your data, whether you are a patient in Flanders, Brussels or Wallonia.

Using itsme for your health

Discover which digital platform or application your hospital uses and look for the itsme button. You will be logged in no time and can easily manage your own health administration