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itsme makes it easier to manage your tax return 

The tax season can be a daunting time, involving mountains of paper work, confusing forms and tedious calculations. Thank goodness for itsme, a handy app that allows you to log in easily to the MyMinfin tax platform (= Taxonweb). This digital service enables you to submit your tax return online and manage your tax records.  

Log in with itsme and: 

Filing your tax return: no more paper forms to complete and submit. MyMinfin supports you in completing your tax return by using pre-completed details and an overview of possible deductible items and tax benefits. 

Reviewing your tax return: you can consult your tax return, tax assessments, financial statements, payment summaries, records, lease contract, payslips and much more. 

Pay your taxes: see what tax you owe and pay your invoices. Choose from different payment methods, including bank transfer, online payment or direct debit. 

Request a payment plan or a land registry record via MyMinfin. Digital requests are handled quicker and are cheaper than paper requests. 

Change your bank account number to get a tax refund online, and your personal details. 

Before you even start your tax return, you often need all sorts of financial statements. With itsme®, you can easily work through the necessary paperwork. For example, to get your mortgage statement simply surf to your online banking. You will find many government documents in your e-box or via Doccle. Can I log in on all these different platforms? Of course! It’s secure and fast with itsme®.