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Online banking made easy with itsme!

Online and mobile banking are now unavoidable when it comes to managing your finances. But of course you need everything to work smoothly and securely. itsme lets you easily check your bank account and manage your financial affairs secure

Log in 

With itsme, you can log in easily or sign in to access your bank account without the need for a card reader or bank card. So there’s no more searching for different log in details to access your account. Banking on your computer couldn’t be easier. 

Confirm payments 

The itsme® app also allows you to confirm payment transfers and payees up to a high amount. This is an important security measure that prevents unintentional transfers from taking place. In addition, you can also confirm your Mastercard or Visa payment with itsme® while you’re shopping. 

Open a new bank account 

You can also become a new customer or open a new account via itsme®. With itsme®, you can also easily request new products such as a credit card or home loan. In addition, itsme® allows you to install your bank app faster with some banks. 

Sign documents

Another major advantage of itsme is that you can sign contracts digitally. This saves time and effort, and makes it even easier to deal with loans or other financial documents, for example. 

itsme® protects you against scams because it can be used only with websites and apps from partner companies. You can use itsme® on your own phone exclusively. Have you spotted something suspicious such as a fraudulent SMS, email or website in the name of itsme®? Contact us.