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itsme’s first collaboration in the Dutch banking sector is with…

Following our first public client in the Netherlands, we can also announce our first collaboration in the Dutch banking sector. Delen Private Bank becomes the first bank to offer itsme to Dutch citizens.

As already announced, you can now use itsme in the Netherlands as the secure and easy way to identify yourself and to log in, as well as confirm transactions and sign documents. And not just in the public sector. Also, in the private sector multiple integrations of itsme are in progress.

Delen Private Bank too

Oyens & Van Eeghen, which recently announced that it is taking on the name of its parent company, Delen Private Bank, will be the first bank to offer itsme to its Dutch customers. “Thanks to itsme, we are strengthening our digital leadership in the Netherlands,” says Alexandre Delen, director of IT. “It gives us great pleasure to be able to share the ease and convenience of this tool with our Dutch customers.” At the same time, itsme is particularly secure.

Privacy by design

The only way an action carried out with itsme can be confirmed, is through a unique combination of your smartphone, your app and your secret itsme code (or via biometrics). The app also gives you a crystal-clear insight into the action you are taking by clearly indicating what you are doing, what data is being shared and with whom.

An action can only be carried out after you, as the user, have given your explicit approval. This means you retain control over your data at all times. The app also gives you an overview of all of the actions you have carried out. Creating an itsme account takes just two minutes and is 100% digital and secure by reading your NFC ID or passport.

And if you share your data via itsme, it will always be in line with GDPR requirements. Each time itsme connects with a partner, a careful check is carried out to see which data may be shared. itsme is designed to be able to share data according to specific purposes. For example, a telecom provider may only need a telephone number, while a bank needs your full identity. itsme also complies with the banking sector’s PSD2 and AML guidelines.