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The passwordless path to an effortless login experience

The multi-factor authentication of itsme eliminates reliance on passwords and strengthens the security of your business, whilst ensuring the best possible customer experience.

  • Secure access

    A passwordless and multi-factor login prevents credential theft attacks, and keeps phishers at a safe distance. Furthermore, every action is done with the user’s explicit consent.

  • No password management

    Managing the passwords of your customers is time-consuming, costly, and not without security risks. The itsme passwordless login provides the most reliable and beneficial way for customers to access your service.

  • Enhanced user experience

    Streamline the user experience by eliminating the need to memorise overly complicated passwords, and by providing a frictionless experience every time your customers connect.

Omni-channel experience

Customers expect their customer journey between each touchpoint or channel to be seamless. itsme is easily integrated into your different channels and the application can be used in combination with a tablet, laptop, desktop, smartphone, or even with kiosks in your physical branches. And the user experience remains flawless every time.

Secure connection every time

Every connection with each partner is unique as we use asymmetric-key cryptography to communicate the ID data over different channels. Combined with multi-factor authentication and top-notch security measures, we keep personal data and systems secure.

Passwordless isn’t just a buzzword

On average, we use 35+ accounts with username and password authentication. And “123456” is still one of the most popular passwords used. It’s safe to say that passwords are neither safe nor user-friendly. Going passwordless creates a frictionless user experience and every single login is secure.

Be inspired by our customers

Discover and learn from our customers who trust itsme within their digital transformation. Join the ecosystem of more than 800 companies. Stay up to date with the latest trends and let's improve the digital experience of each citizen together.


Cross-sector adaptive digital identity

To empower each and every person with a secure and easy-to-use identity, we provide a single but multi-functional digital key that works cross-sectorally and in conjunction with both government and private institutions. So, if your company needs to comply with the highest security requirements or is looking for an easy and secure identity or signing method for its clients, itsme is what your business needs.

Government and semi-government
Sharing economy
Travel and Hospitality
Real estate
Financial services
Bank and finance
  • 6.5 M + itsme® users
  • 800 + companies that use itsme®

Frequently asked questions about authentication or login with itsme

  • How is itsme different from other MFA apps?

    itsme eliminates the use of different authentication methods for every website your customers visit. The itsme solution replaces the username and password instead of adding yet another hurdle to log in (such as authenticator) . itsme is a secure multi-factor authentication application that you can trust and easily use.

  • Can Dutch customers create an itsme account?

    Yes, Dutch citizens can create an account with their passport or eID trough NFC technology. If you are looking for a secure Digital identity that you can use across Belgium and The Netherlands, please contact us.

  • How much does authentication with itsme cost?

    itsme offers a price model that includes a fixed price for unlimited usage of itsme for identification, authentication, and confirmation services based on the actual number of active users in a given calendar year. If you would like to have an offer for your company, please contact us via [email protected]

  • Can I combine more than one itsme service for my business?

    Yes, itsme is a Digital ID that provides a service for every step of the customer journey. It offers a unique combination of identification (sign-up), authentication (login), confirmation, and electronic signature. Many partners in different sectors have already adopted itsme at every important customer touchpoint in their business.

  • Is passwordless really better?

    We believe it is the most effective way to reduce risky password management practices and prevent credential theft attacks. Becoming passwordless benefits both enterprises and customers. Are you plotting your path to passwordless? Don’t hesitate to contact us! [email protected]


Would you like to know more about the itsme ecosystem and the open ID connect standard? Deep dive into our product and the itsme identity scheme and get started today.

Technical integration documentation

itsme created an open ecosystem that allows everyone to become a member of the itsme Scheme. Read our technical information and learn how you can easily integrate our services.

Business information and guidelines

We will guide you on how itsme works and how it will fit with your business needs.

From check-in to check-out

Combine your onboarding and login with the itsme confirmation for your payments or orders. A frictionless experience all the way and a better conversion ratio.

  • Secure alternative to card reader

  • Strong Customer Authentication

  • High success ratio

  • PSD2 compliant

Discover how authentication can benefit your business

Our team is here to help and give advice. You can schedule a call with an expert to discuss your needs. Get to know more about our product and what it can mean for your business.