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itsme is being used across various industries, providing user-friendliness and security. The versatile services of the itsme app can be applied to any business, ensuring both convenience and peace of mind.

Read more about use cases in these sectors

  • Banking & finance

    Elevate digital banking with itsme – the passport to swift and secure transactions and fast and compliant KYC.

  • HR

    Onboarding at warp speed, signing documents, securing HR secrets, and making compliance a breeze. Your ultimate workforce's digital companion

  • Government

    Unlock the digital door for every citizen. With itsme®, government services become a tap away – secure, seamless, and citizen-centric.

  • Online gaming

    Roll the dice with confidence! itsme® ensures a swift onboarding and login process. Betting on security, leaving fraud in the dust.

  • Insurance

    Unbox simplicity, making online claims easy. Fast-track your business in a secure and efficient way.

We are also active in these sectors

  • Utilities

    From secure logins to accurate customer data management, itsme® offers a smooth and secure experience for all.

  • Healthcare

    Ensure secure access to patient information, streamline healthcare processes, and comply with data protection regulations for an efficient and secure healthcare experience.

  • Telecommunication

    Ensure secure customer onboarding, avoid identity fraud, and streamline authentication for a trusted telecom experience.

  • Notary

    Simplify document verification, enhance security, and streamline the notarization process for a more efficient and digital-forward business experience.

  • Mobility

    Securely manage access to transportation services, streamline transactions, and enhance overall mobility solutions for a connected and efficient future.

  • Real estate

    Enhanced security and streamlined identity verification processes.

  • Travel & hospitality

    Onboarding and secure acces to travel information.

  • Document & datamanagement

    Offer secure acces for your platform or offer the itsme® qualified electronic signature.