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Government & public services

Secure access for every citizen

itsme has been widely adopted in government platforms and apps. In Belgium, it is the easiest, most secure, and most preferred way to connect with all public services. Additionally, itsme offers the possibility to electronically sign documents, which advances administration for government officials, mayors, magistrates, etc.

Online government to make life easier for citizens

itsme offers a complete identity solution that caters to different verification and identification needs.

  • Acces to public services

    itsme gives citizens the possibility to safely log in and get access to online governmental platforms without needing a password or eID software.

  • Easy administration

    With the verified ID data of itsme, you can verify the identity of your citizens. This simplifies public administration and speeds up processes.

  • Sign documents

    What used to be a lengthy process of printing and scanning is now a 10-second action. 100% legally binding and safe.


Accessible to everyone

itsme is accessible to every citizen of Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland and Portugal. Citizens can log in to government services in the same way they log in to their bank accounts or other services.


Modern online government

itsme contributes to a government that meets today's digital needs. It increases administrative efficiency, reduces paperwork, speeds up processes, and lowers the risk of identity fraud. In short, a government that fulfils the digital needs of today.

Privacy by design

Trust in online public services

Citizens regain control over their data. This, combined with the user-friendly nature of itsme, significantly increases user satisfaction and promotes trust in the government.

itsme and the Belgian Government: streamlining online tax management

itsme offers Belgians a user-friendly and secure means for individuals to access various government services including managing tax management.

Identity services at the highest level

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