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Online gambling

Let your players play faster and stay ahead of the game

The gaming and gambling industry is rapidly transforming. To maintain a competitive edge and be in line with strict regulations, nearly all Belgian online gaming providers have integrated itsme. Players can create a new account, place their first bets, and get their wins payout in just a few minutes, all in line with regulations.

More players, more playing, more wins

You can integrate itsme at every important authentication touchpoint.

  • Onboard new players in just minutes

    And in full compliance with KYC regulations. You also gain the ID data you need for a cross-check with excluded player databanks (e.g. EPIS).

  • Instant deposits

    with a conversion rate that is 30% higher when identifying with itsme.

  • Instant payouts

    because the necessary KYC checks can be done in just seconds. Always easy and safe.

  • Play again

    Customers are more likely to come back when offered an easy login. Without password hassle. You can also use itsme login for re-verification.

Easy succes

Higher customer conversion

Because of the fast registration process and the great user experience, customer conversion increases by at least 20% when using itsme.

Easy compliance

Stay ahead of regulations

Being KYC-compliant or cross-checking new players with the EPIS (excluded players) database is very easy. The Belgian Gaming Commission highly recommends the use of itsme.

Easy playing

Great customer satisfaction

Making an account, placing their first bet, and logging into their favorite gaming platform has never been this easy. Players can start playing anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

BetFIRST wins over more customer thanks to itsme

betFIRST considers it crucial for new players to register smoothly and promptly make their first deposit. Since integrating itsme into their website and app, the registration process now takes seconds, compared to several minutes previously.

Talk to an expert

Our team is here to help and give advice.

Certified and compliant

We cover all the bases to maintain a competitive edge

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • European Banking Authority
  • Payment Services Directive
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • eidas logo
    identity with Level of Assurance High (eIDAS)
  • The Digital Operational Resilience Act