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Elevating digital insurance: secure, seamless, and efficient

The insurance industry is evolving, moving from the traditional way of working to a more interactive and customer-focused approach. itsme provides reusable digital identity verification for efficient processes and top-notch security. It helps keep your customer database clean and organized.

One identity solution that can be reused at every touchpoint

itsme offers a complete identity solution that caters to different verification and identification needs.

  • Smooth customer registration

    Register new policyholders and open accounts easily while meeting regulatory requirements.

  • Verified ID data sharing

    Avoid double accounts and human mistakes. Keep your customer database clean and organized.

  • Secure customer login

    Ditch traditional logins—itsme is a secure alternative, eliminating passwords and boosting confidence in online interactions.

  • Quick digital signatures

    Legally-binding signing of claims, contracts, and important documents. A more efficient workflow for both customers and employers. 

Security by design

Fraud-resistant security protocols

itsme is the ultimate shield against fraud for insurance providers. Boasting advanced features like passwordless access and multi-factor authentication. It safeguards sensitive customer data and transactions effectively.

Better digital experience

Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty

Empower customers to effortlessly navigate their insurance affairs anytime, anywhere using the itsme digital key. This user-friendly and accessible login method enhances satisfaction, fostering long-term loyalty to insurance platforms. 

Digital innovation

Staying ahead of the game

Providing superior digital experiences allows you to outshine competitors. As customer expectations for digital interactions rise, itsme positions you to meet and exceed these demands, ensuring a competitive edge.

Reduced costs

Efficiency through automation

itsme drives cost-efficiency for insurance companies. Streamlining identity verification and document signing through automation reduces administrative overheads, fostering a more cost-effective operational landscape. 

Talk to an expert

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Certified and compliant

We cover all the bases to maintain a competitive edge

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • European Banking Authority
  • Payment Services Directive
  • ISO 27001 Certified
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    identity with Level of Assurance High (eIDAS)
  • The Digital Operational Resilience Act