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A password or eID card reader are no longer necessary at AXA Belgium!

A password or eID card reader are no longer necessary at AXA Belgium!

Its 2 million individual clients can now make use of the itsme app on their smartphone to access their insurance contracts, filing a claim or follow up the steps of the claim handling via Thanks to this technology, AXA Belgium is the first insurer that has opted for the security and convenience of itsme on the smartphone in order to facilitate life for their clients.

Digital identification at the service of the client

This name may sound familiar to you. itsme, launched last May, is a mobile application developed by the ‘Belgian Mobile ID’ consortium. With this application, Belgians can create a unique digital identity based on a 5-figure code or fingerprint, that replaces the multiple passwords, secret codes and other card readers.

After its initial applications in the banking, telecommunications and government sectors (Tax-on-Web,, etc.), it is now the insurance industry’s turn to offer this technology to its clients.

“AXA Belgium is the first insurer in this country to work with itsme in order to facilitate the lives of its clients. We are very proud of this new phase in our digitalisation process, since it is yet another sign of our wish to develop an offer that combines better client service with optimal protection of personal data. At AXA Belgium, we are convinced that the digital identity of itsme is a fine Belgian innovation that should be regarded as an important revolution.”

Gunter Uytterhoeven, Chief Marketing Officer at AXA Belgium.

 “We are delighted that AXA Belgium is working together with itsme, which is a first in the insurance sector”, says Kris De Ryck, CEO of Belgian Mobile ID. “This demonstrates that the itsme app has a wide range of uses and can offer added value to each company that prioritizes convenience and is customer oriented. We are therefore pleased that AXA Belgium has opted for itsme to further expand and optimise its digital services. And all parties involved – from the insurer via the broker to the client – stand to gain!”

Kris De Ryck, CEO of Belgian Mobile ID

“Since the beginning of this year, you can use itsme so that your smartphone is recognised by government websites such as MyPension and Tax-on-Web. That is quite some progress. Via itsme, people can consult their personal dossier held by public authorities more quickly. I am happy that AXA Belgium will now also be participating. Doing so will ensure that ever more people can identify themselves online securely and quickly. Everyone stands to gain!” 

Alexander De Croo, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Agenda

An improved client experience for millions of Belgians

As a market leader, AXA Belgium has cleared the way for digital identification to offer its 2 million individual clients the opportunity to consult their contracts, file a claim and follow up on their dossier on via itsme. An innovation that will very soon be expanded to nearly 400,000 members via their hospital insurance!

This sustained simplification of the administrative procedures will very soon be expanded to other players such as adjusters and brokers, to help them offer their clients even better service and user experience! AXA Bank, in turn, is to follow later this year. 

Online passwords? No more chaos!

itsme conducted a survey in April 2017 among 1000 Belgians aged 18 and over. The goal? To assess the real needs in terms of digital identification.

And almost half of the people surveyed confirmed that they have more than... 5 different passwords, just for the internet! In light of the above, it is no surprise that one third of Belgians regularly forget their passwords. And we have not yet taken into account the 20% who jot down their passwords on post-it notes – the height of carelessness!

Towards a strengthened and ... user-friendly security!

5.7/10. This is the overall score that Belgians give to password security on the internet. 6.7/10 is the score they assign to the convenience of card readers.

Although only 8% of Belgians considers that they don’t engage in any careless behaviour online, in fact 59% of them (almost) never change their passwords.

In this context, the use of the unique digital identification seems to offer the right solution to the frequent lack of security on the internet.