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Human Resources

Streamlining HR. Enhancing human contact

In the fast-paced world of HR precision and speed are paramount. itsme provides a secure and efficient digital solution that transforms the approach to employment registration, authentication, and documentation. The result? A digital HR experience that not only prioritizes accuracy but also offers more time for meaningful human connections.

Maximize HR efficiency with a multi-solution app

itsme offers seamless experiences across various HR touchpoints for new hires, employers, and customers.

  • Swift employee enrollment

    Simplify employer onboarding with itsme. Quickly gather precise ID data, minimizing errors for a seamless onboarding experience. 

  • Confidence in every login

    Ensure a secure, streamlined experience for HR professionals, employers, and job seekers.

  • HR administration efficiency

    Streamline signature processes, ensuring legality and compliance in HR documentation for an efficient digital workflow. 


Accurate ID data

Fast and secure identification

itsme ensures fast and accurate ID data collection, minimizing human errors when entering employee information.  And with less time spent on filling out forms or scanning ID documents, you create a good first impression.

Qualified electronic signature

Legally valid e-signature

Sign contracts digitally with itsme for legally binding electronic signatures, ensuring compliance with HR regulations. This guarantees document authenticity and promotes a streamlined HR workflow.

Reduce costs

Cost-efficiency through automation

itsme helps automating HR operations, reducing administrative overheads and fosters a more cost-effective operational landscape.

Ultimate people management

Human connection at the core

itsme doesn't just ensure efficiency; it renews the focus on human connection. Through streamlined processes and heightened security in our customer-centric app, allocate more time to what truly matters—building and nurturing authentic connections within your HR ecosystem.

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