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Data sharing

itsme, a trusted link to reliable data

On top of their identity data, your customers can now share other, additional reliable data via itsme. It allows you to create exceptional customer experiences whilst respecting customers' privacy.

  • Connect with 
reliable data sources

    itsme only connects with authentic sources. This means that you will always get the most accurate and trustworthy data.

  • Familiar and trusted user experience

    Provide your customers with a user experience they know and trust, all achieved effortlessly within seconds while keeping them in control of their data.

  • One single itsme 

    Your existing connection to itsme enables you to receive data from a range of data sources without the need for extra integrations from your side.

How it works

Human Resources

Employee-focused digital onboarding

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, new hires expect a seamless onboarding experience, free from the hassles of paper-based processes. Employers and new hires can use itsme to effortlessly exchange personal details (like student certifications), so you have more time to focus on human connection.


Easy loan application

Allow your customer to easily share the necessary data for loan applications, such as notary deeds, salary slips, and identity documentation. Reduce frustration and maximize efficiency, saving valuable time for all parties involved.


Effortless mobility solutions

Skip the hassle of taking pictures of your driver's license when renting a car. Customers can easily share all necessary information using just their smartphone, anytime, anywhere. No more lengthy forms or document uploads - simple, secure, and hassle-free.

Trusted sources

Connected to trusted sources

itsme seamlessly integrates with diverse trusted sources, enabling the sharing of authentic and up-to-date data.

As a digital identity of the highest level, itsme ensures that the right data from the right person is always retrieved, providing 100% reliable identification.

Frequently asked questions about data sharing

  • What data can you receive via itsme?

    At this time, itsme lets you share student certifications, with more options like notary deeds and diplomas coming soon. With our vast connected ecosystem, the possibilities are endless. Connect with our team to discuss your needs.

  • What data does itsme store?  

    itsme stores core identity data gathered during account setup. All non-identity data stays in their original source or data wallet. itsme only acts as the gateway to connect it securely with companies. 


  • Can users see what they share? 

    Absolutely. Users see exactly what they're sharing during the process, including its source and recipient. Afterwards, they can review data exchanges in the itsme app's history menu. 


  • What data attributes are available via itsme?

    itsme will soon announce which sources it has made agreements with and what data attributes are made available via these sources.

  • How much does it cost to share data with itsme?

    The price is partly determined by the data source. Connect with our team to discuss your needs.

  • How can datasharing be implemented?

    itsme customers and partners using an OIDC v2 connection will soon be able to easily add additional data attributes. This requires only a configuration adjustment, with no need for a new separate implementation.