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Flemish data company starts under the name Athumi

Athumi, the new data utility company founded by the Flemish government, is shaking up the data management space with its innovative approach to data sharing. The company wants to enable citizens to share their data with other companies or partners, amongst others, by offering smart and secure data vaults. A key role in this project is played by the identity app itsme®.

Data sharing

In today's digital world, it is crucial for individuals to have a secure and convenient method of sharing data and documents. In various situations, there is often a need to provide important documents or certifications. For instance, sharing a diploma for a job application or a driver's license when renting a car.

Soon, citizens will have the option to access their data through secure data vaults offered by Athumi. They can also share this data with different organizations like potential employers, car rental companies, and more. This will make daily tasks easier while prioritizing the individual's control over their own data. They will have the power to choose which data to share, with whom, and in what circumstances, ensuring maximum protection of their privacy. 


To empower people with control over their data, Athumi has formed partnerships with several organisations including Randstad, Microsoft, Digita and Doccle. Also joining forces with Athumi, itsme plays a crucial role in this ecosystem. It allows citizens to not only access their vault, but also provide consent for data sharing through the itsme app. While itsme does not access or store the data, it ensures secure and convenient interactions at all times.

Here's a demo of how data sharing with itsme® would work in the context of renting a car.

If you want to learn more or discuss a potential partnership, feel free to get in touch.