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Flemish data company starts under the name Athumi

Athumi, the new data vault company by the Flemish government is shaking up the data management space with its innovative approach to data vaults. The company provides citizens with smart and secure data vaults that allow them to choose which data they want to share with specific organizations for a specific duration.

Private & public

Athumi aims to put people in control of their data by providing them with the key to their own data. The company has partnered with Flanders Technology & Innovation and several other organizations such as Microsoft, Randstad, and Doccle. itsme has also joined forces with Athumi to provide access to the data vaults through the itsme app. With these collaborations, the Flemish Data Company wants to show that it can not only secure data from government services but that it can also work with data from private companies.

Share data and simplify daily tasks

The main idea is that people can easily share data from their data vaults with various entities such as schools, notaries, insurance companies, and more, thereby simplifying daily tasks.