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Randstad employers sign with itsme

Randstad is the largest human resources service provider in Belgium and is the market leader in temporary employment, outplacement, and service vouchers. Moreover, Randstad holds a key position in the Belgian market in recruitment and selection, interim management, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), HR consultancy, and project sourcing.

Employers sign with itsme

Randstad uses itsme for the electronic signing of all employment contracts and attachments for their permanent employees. With a workforce of approximately 2000 employees, the process of handling the constant movement of employees, including coming in and out of employment, promotions, part-time work, and attachments in cafeteria plans, can be time-consuming.

500 signatures per month

Every month, around 500 signatures are placed with itsme, so Randstad no longer needs to print numerous documents in duplicate every year, circulate them for signature, and follow up on them.  All this resulted in a significant efficiency improvement for the company.

Legal signature

While a qualified electronic signing or QES (=a legal equivalent of a handwritten signature) is necessary for employment contracts, the choice of itsme is more straightforward for employees compared to an EID card, which requires a card reader. With only their smartphone and the itsme app, people can sign their agreement anywhere, anytime.

Overall, itsme provides a secure and convenient alternative that simplifies the signing process for both employers and employees.

Signing platforms

Did you know that itsme® Sign is available in almost all the major European and international signature platforms? Randstad uses Belgian document platform Doccle for placing their digital signatures.