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New feature: itsme launches batch signing

itsme launches a new function that enables you to sign multiple documents at the same time, with just one click. All of which considerably reduces the administrative burden for companies.

Every day, countless numbers of documents are signed in Belgium. And more and more of them are being signed digitally with itsme Sign, a qualified electronic signature that enjoys the same legal value as a handwritten signature. The result is less paperwork to grapple with and less need to move around the building or elsewhere to get papers signed.

Within the group of digital signatories, there are still quite a few people who need to sign lots of documents at the same time as part of their job. They include accountants, insurers, office managers, staff in the HR department, notaries and mayors. And up until now, they had to confirm their signature for each document separately by using their itsme app and entering their secret itsme code. All of which can be very time-consuming – especially when it comes to signing multiple documents.

No more tapping back and forth in the itsme app to sign each document individually. This will definitely ease the administrative burden for our notaries and further increase the ease of use for our clients.

Jan Sap, CEO of Fednot (Federation of notaries)

Multiple signatures

That’s why itsme is launching the new batch signing feature for signing multiple documents at the same time. With batch signing, the signatory receives just one itsme notification for multiple documents, which means that he/she only has to enter his/her itsme code once. The result of a multiple signature is exactly the same as with a single signature: every document has a separate signature with a personal signing certificate. And each signature remains unique, confidential and protected against forgery. itsme Sign only provides qualified signatures, which meets the EU’s highest standards and is legally equivalent to handwritten signatures. Other variants, such as the advanced electronic signature, offer fewer guarantees in terms of security and legal enforceability. As a consequence, they are not part of the itsme offering.

Our Bolero customers are already well familiar with signing documents via itsme's signing function, while we maintain the guarantee that there is a qualified electronic signature on the document. Signing multiple documents simultaneously can only further enhance the customer experience.

Werner Eetezonne, CEO of Bolero

1 million signatures

Launched in February 2019, itsme Sign has experienced enormous year-on-year growth. In 2022, itsme Sign will reach the 1 million signatures mark – more than double the number of signatures from the previous year. Since its launch, more than 600 companies have elected to present the itsme Sign service as an option to their customers and employees. The qualified itsme signature provides users with the ability to sign documents entirely digitally. This means you can use itsme Sign to sign employment contracts entirely by mobile via the platform of a social secretariat or enter into an agreement with a new business partner, obtain a loan from the bank, sign a notarised document, sign up to a lease agreement, place an offer on a property – and so on.

How do you access itsme Sign?

itsme Sign is available as part of most national and international signing platforms: Adobe Acrobat Sign, Connective, Dioss, Doccle, DocuSign, Dokobit, Evidos, KeySign, Logalty, Luxtrust, OneSpan, SignHere, Signicat, Zeticon, etc. Companies looking to digitise their contract management nearly always use the services of these specialised document and signature platforms. And companies that are already customers of these platforms can simply request the itsme Sign option (which includes batch signing) to be activated, without any implementation work required.

Discover more about the Qualified Electronic Signature here.

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