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Podcast series with Business AM

How can you act online with confidence? And how can you prevent phishing or maybe company hacking? Podcast series "What the Hack!" in Dutch "Je m'en fish... ou pas" in French created together with Business AM, offers answers and talks about cybersecurity, privacy,  and digital inclusion.  Hostesses Erika van Tielen (NL) and Lucile Rochelet (FR) invite different expert speakers every episode.

Episode 1: best tips against phishing 

In the first Flemish podcast, we hear the testimony of Philip De Bie, VP of IT at industry player Picanol, who experienced damaging company hacking. The French series kicks off with a testimonial from Pierre Ciparisse, from The Belgian Military, they also dealt with a very sophisticated hacking attempt. Commissioner at the Federal Computer Crime Unit, Olivier Bogaerts and Commissioner Stjin De Ridder, from the Antwerp police, give their tips and professional insights against phishing and cybercrime.   Curious about the story of Picanol and The Belgian Military? Or would you like to prevent phishing or hacking yourself? 

Episode 2: cybersecurity is also about protecting your privacy

During the second episode of "What the Hack!" and "Je m'en fish...ou pas", Nel Broothaerts and Nadège Bastiaenen from Child Focus talk about the importance of privacy for children and young people. How do kids think about their privacy, and how can parents guide and help them online?

Episode 3: hacking the digital divide

Those who lack confidence and don't trust the internet are being left behind. During the third episode of the podcasts "What the Hack!" and "Je m'en fish...ou pas", guests Frederick Scraeyen (Beego), Geoffroy Van Humbeeck (aSmartWorld) and Sylvie Vandevelde (itsme) explore the relationship between cybersecurity and digital inclusion, as well as highlighting some inspiring initiatives. .