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Confirm online transactions safely and easily

The itsme confirmation service is mostly used among financial institutions. It is in line with the European PSD2 directive, and it provides a very user-friendly approach to Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

  • Alternative to card reader

    An easy payment confirmation with a proven success rate in reducing fraud and bank credential theft. The details of the transactions and the data shared are always very clear.

  • Compliant

    Put extra layers of security on your services with the itsme confirmation, fully compliant with PSD2 directive and other financial guidelines (AML/FAFT/ EBA).

  • Less drop-out

    Easier transactions lead to fewer dropouts. And those satisfied customers are more likely to come back again more often.

Are you compliant with PSD2?

Having a Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is required for all electronic payment services in order to make payments more secure and to improve consumer protection against fraud. A SCA requires means of authentication that uses at least two of the following elements:

  • Something the customer has

    Such as their smartphone and the installed itsme app.

  • Something the customer is

    Confirm an action with biometrics such as fingerprint or FaceID.

  • Something the customer knows

    Such as the personal itsme code that has 5 numbers and only they know.

Secure payment confirmation

By enabling multi-factor authentication, itsme offers additional layers of security to electronic payments. We are a certified electronic identity (eIDAS) with Level of Assurance High. With itsme you can verify the identity of your customers whilst ensuring data privacy and security standards are upheld.

Clear consent mechanism

The smooth and crystal-clear way of confirming or refusing online purchases: every action with itsme is fully transparent and in line with GDPR regulations. the customers know exactly what data they will be sharing and with whom.

Dynamic linking

With an itsme confirmation, more contextual information on the transaction is shared. Every action has a unique authentication code and each transaction is linked to its amount and the recipient of the payment. The action is clear for the customer and none of the details can be altered, preventing social engineering attacks.

Talk to an expert

Our team is here to help and give advice.

Compliancy and certifications

itsme offers identity and signing services at the highest level of assurance and security. We are compliant and always in alignment with current EU regulations and financial, KYC and security guidelines.

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    identity with Level of Assurance High (eIDAS)
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    Qualified Trust Service Provider (eIDAS)
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • General Data Protection Regulation
  • Payment Services Directive
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • European Banking Authority
  • Network and Information System

Frequently asked questions about confirmation

  • Is itsme free for end-users?

    Certainly! All citizens residing in countries where itsme is available have the option to freely download the itsme app from the App Store, Google Play Store. See here all the available countries.

  • How much does confirmation with itsme cost?

    itsme offers a price model that includes a fixed price based on the actual number of active users in a given calendar year. If you would like to receive an offer for your company, please contact us.

  • Why do I need strong customer authentication?

    SCA, or Strong Customer Authentication, is a regulation implemented under the Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2). This directive requires customers to verify their identity before any payment information can be shared between a financial institution and a third-party provider.

  • I'm not a bank, can I also use this service?

    The confirmation service is mostly used by banks and other financial institutions because it offers the highest security and compliance. But it can also be used to confirm orders, for online shopping, or other scenarios where extra authentication is important. Don't hesitate to reach out and discuss other possibilities. Contact us.

  • Can citizens outside Belgium create an itsme account?

    Yes, other European citizens can create an account with their passport, eID or residence permit through NFC technology. Discover all the available countries. Are you looking for a secure identity solution that you can use across Europe? Contact our team and let's discuss opportunities.