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One digital ID for all your clients

Capturing the right data from your client in 1 click, providing a safe passwordless login, securing a strong customer authentication or getting a document signed in the blink of an eye. itsme offers a strong solution for all your business identity and signature needs.

Improve the digital experience of your clients by integrating itsme and make your business grow. With itsme everybody wins!

  • Effortless identification and signature

    How often do people bail, halfway through a registration? How much time are companies losing by having their contract signed? Thanks to itsme, it is finally possible to quickly and effortless identify your clients and sign documents remotely.

    Without using card readers, having to fill in hundreds of fields, asking a copy of their ID or having a document signed on papier. With itsme, it's easy, secure and compliant!

  • Digital security of the highest level

    itsme offers a Level of Assurance High Identity (eIDAS LoA High), PSD2 compliant strong customer authentication and a Qualified Electronic Signatures (eIDAS QTSP).

    Trust is paramount to the success of any business and itsme is trusted by more than 6 million users cross-countries! Using the secure app-based solution for all identity needs and digital signing will only increase your business online.

  • Online privacy and compliancy

    People don’t like to share personal information online. By working with itsme, you give your clients the signal that they are not sharing unnecessary information, and that their data is completely safe.

    That’s why itsme respects European laws and regulations: eIDAS, GDPR, EBA, PSD2, AML and is ISO27001 certified.


The right service to match your customer journey

itsme offers a unique combination of three Identity services and a Qualified Electronic Signature. Integrated in various eID hubs or KYC platforms, compatible with the most common IAM platforms and available in the best document management platforms, choose the right combination of itsme services to improve your customer journeys.

Identity services

Build a secure and convenient customer journey using itsme to convert more clients: an easy client onboarding (KYC) with a verified ID, a secure multi-factor authentication or a passwordless login, a context-based consent.

All your company's digital identity needs fulfilled with one and the same app. itsme offers you 3 services: identification, authentication and confirmation.

35 million

actions / month

Digital signing

itsme Sign is a Qualified Electronic Signature and has the same legal value as a handwritten signature. This means that a signature created with itsme is a legally binding signature with the highest level of security without the paper hassle.

A recognised reliable signature, signed in a blink of an eye.



A digital ID that is secure and compliant

As a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP)  and a certified Electronic Identification Means (LoA High), itsme offers identification and signing services at the highest level of assurance, security and user convenience.

itsme is also compliant with EU regulations and financial, KYC- and security guidelines.

  • eidas logo
    eIDAS - digital ID with Level of Assurance High
  • eidas logo
    eIDAS - Qualified Trust Service Provider
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • General Data Protection Regulation
  • Payment Services Directive
  • Anti-money Laundering
  • European Banking Authorities


All business can benefit

itsme is a single digital key that can open all sort of digital doors. If your company needs to comply with the highest security requirements or is looking for an easy and secure identity method for its clients, itsme is the app you need. Popular across many sectors and already implemented in websites and app of numerous company’s both private and public, itsme offers to each citizen/client a secure and easy-to-use digital identity.

Real estate
Online gaming
Financial services
Documents and electronic signature
HR and Interim
  • 6 million+ itsme® users
  • 800+ companies

Discover your needs

Our team is here to help and give advice. You can schedule a call with an expert to discuss your needs. Get to know more about our product and what it can mean for your business.
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A digital worlds needs a digital identity

Discover the insights, newest trends and observations on Digital ID from our itsme identity experts as well as thought leaders, organizations, and key industry stakeholders.


We’re here to help you get your business set up with one of our services, and allow you or your business to use verified identities for authentication and authorization on web desktop, mobile web or mobile applications. If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us.

Are you a developer?

Get all the technical information about our identity services.

Are you a product owner?

We will guide you to integrate itsme in your applications.

The benefits for your client

Already trusted by more than 6 million users! Log in safely, share ID data fast or sign a document by using only a smartphone. Your improve the digital experience of your clients when integrating itsme

  • Install once, use everywhere

    Only one app, but so many possibilities. Install itsme once and use it everywhere to login, to confirm or to sign. This means a single digital key for all your channels already used and trusted by millions of users.

  • Easy to use

    itsme works with a familiar ritual: you enter your telephone number, receive an action in the itsme app and you have to confirm it. Even those who are less digitally savvy will be able to use it.

  • Digital trust

    Security and privacy is our top priority. With itsme, users always know what they are sharing and with whom. The highest level of security and crystal clear actions means that customers can trust your business.