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HR departments are embracing the itsme e-signature!

The qualified signature provided by itsme has the same legal value as a handwritten signature. In many countries including Belgium, this type of signature is mandatory for crucial paperwork such as employment contracts. With itsme, you can conveniently and legally sign documents, with just your smartphone.  This perfect combination of legal validity and ease of use is key to why increasingly more companies are using itsme Sign to streamline their HR processes.  

Market leader in consumer and industrial brands Henkel, signs with itsme

One of the companies that discovered the great benefits of signing with itsme® is Henkel, a global leading FMCG manufacturer with brands & technologies in three business areas: Laundry & Home Care, Beauty Care and Adhesive Technologies. They integrated the itsme® signature at the beginning of this year and found immense value in using it for their overall HR administration. 

Our HR department in Belgium uses itsme for secure document signing, including employment contracts. It offers the same value as a wet signature which is legally required for those kinds of agreements. However, itsme goes beyond just employment contracts. It is very convenient for signing various documents and it streamlines our entire HR processes. On top of that, our new hires and employees love its user-friendly interface and the security it offers.

Delphine Van Hoorebeke, HRBP Belgium Henkel 

Companies such as Henkel get their HR documents signed with itsme because it’s  

  • legally Valid: itsme e-signature complies with the highest security standards and is recognized as a qualified electronic signature in every European member state. This ensures that HR departments can confidently use the e-signature for legally binding documents, such as employment contracts.  

  • easy: employees can sign documents anytime, anywhere, using their smartphones. This allows HR departments to expedite the signing process, even if employees are located remotely or on the go. 

  • secure: itsme ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the signed documents. This protects sensitive HR information. 

Interested in using the secure and easy-to-use itsme e-signature for your business?

Types of HR documents that benefit from an itsme® signature

The versatile itsme® e-signature can be used in various HR administration situations. Here are some key areas where HR departments can benefit from itsme® e-signature: 

  • Employment contracts: HR professionals can legally sign employment and interim contracts with candidates, making the onboarding (or offboarding) process more efficient. 

  • Payroll and compensation: HR professionals can obtain employees' consent for payroll processing, salary adjustments, and other compensation-related documents securely. 

  • Policies and Procedures: HR can use itsme® e-signature to obtain employees' acknowledgment and acceptance of important policies such as the employee handbook, code of conduct, and data protection policies. 

  • Sales compensation and bonuses: HR can simplify managing sales compensation and bonuses by using itsme® e-signature to obtain sales representatives' acknowledgment and acceptance of compensation plans, commission structures, and bonus agreements.