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Signing with itsme is getting more popular

Although itsme is primarily known for its login convenience, signing with itsme is expanding at a fast pace. In fact, in 2022 alone, itsme was used to sign one million documents.  Thanks to the batch signing feature, you can sign several documents in one go. Today, itsme Sign is available on all leading signing and document platforms.

Easy and secure

itsme® Sign is a qualified electronic signature that offers the highest legal value, without all the paperwork. It is a safe and easy way to sign documents as it doesn't require any additional software or an eID card reader.

Sign multiple documents in one go

Recently, itsme introduced "batch signing". This allows users to sign multiple documents at once with just one itsme action. This newest feature is highly valuable for both businesses and signatories, as it effectively reduces their administrative workload.  

Product paper: The e-signature with the highest level of security

Discover the benefits of e-signatures and how they can help your business. In our paper there is everything you want and need to know about electronic signatures. And how to get started with itsme® Sign.

Ready to sign your documents with itsme ? Contact our experts and let's get started.