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Ease of use

Accessible for everyone

Using use itsme is always the same: you click on the itsme button, enter your phone number, receive a notification in the app and then confirm the action using your personal code, Touch ID, fingerprint or Face ID. So every action with itsme is smooth, simple and recognisable. Protecting your online identity has never been so easy and accessible.

  • Never without your consent

    You can clearly confirm or refuse an itsme action in the app. Each itsme action requires a validation from you, followed by your 5 digit secret code. So you stay in control at all times.

  • On computer, tablet or phone

    You can use itsme to login, confirm or sign on a computer, tablet or your smartphone. Whenever and wherever you want to.

  • The same ritual each time

    Regardless of the partner, the way to log in via itsme is the same every time: I initiate the action, open my app, confirm and validate with my itsme code or with biometrics.

How do you use itsme?

Digital fluency

We live in a society that is rapidly going digital. Today, a large part of our administration takes place online and it is not always easy: communication, work, school, finances, health etc.

With itsme, we want to make it easier and safer to access this digital world in an inclusive and secure way. Thanks to this free digital key, the itsme app increases digital fluency.

Digital security

Secure AND easy to use?

Yes, it's possible! At itsme, security and ease of use go hand in hand. The security of your online identity is our number one priority. Ease of use is therefore always combined with digital security of the highest level.

A digital identity for a digital society

The role of itsme in the digital world and digital transformation. Digital identity, privacy and cybersecurity. Discover new possibilities with itsme.

For companies

Would you like to offer itsme to your clients?

Many companies have already integrated itsme as part of their digital strategy. To improve the security of customer authentication, to offer clients a better digital experience or to facilitate online signing. Whatever sector you operate in, itsme is the ideal digital key.