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What do you need?

  • Your smartphone

  • Your ID or passport (NFC enabled)

  1. Step: 1

    Download the itsme app

    Open the itsme-app on your smartphone.

    Download app
  2. Step: 2

    Enter your phone number

    Dubbel check to be sure!

  3. Step: 3

    Scan your ID or passport

    The integrated scanner reads the data on your ID or passport.

  4. Step: 4

    Hold your ID or passport to the back of your phone

  5. Step: 5

    Confirm it is you trough facial recognition

    Now we verify with facial recognition that you are actually the owner of the ID document in question.

  6. Step: 6

    Enter your verification code

    You will receive a text message with a verification code (5 digits) from the number 8836. Enter it into the app.

  7. Step: 7

    Choose your itsme code

    Then choose your 5-digit itsme code and confirm. Activate your touch ID, fingerprint or face ID if you like it.

  8. Step: 8

    Your digital identity has been successfully activated!

    Thank you for trusting us.

For companies

Would you like to offer itsme to your clients?

Many companies have already integrated itsme as part of their digital strategy. To improve the security of customer authentication, to offer clients a better digital experience or to facilitate online signing. Whatever sector you operate in, itsme is the ideal digital key.