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5 key insights from Identity Week

Identity Week brought together experts and innovators to explore the future of digital identity. itsme was an active participant, contributing to the discourse and sharing its vision. Here are 5 key insights we've picked up during the event:

1. Digital Wallets and data sharing: the future of identity

Digital wallets were a hot topic, particularly with the introduction of eIDAS 2.0. It was widely agreed that simply verifying identities is no longer sufficient. The future lies in securely and conveniently exchanging various credentials, such as driver's licenses and health records.

itsme® emphasized the importance of collaboration over trying to become a 'super wallet' itself. By connecting with trusted sources like banks and government apps, we aim to bridge the gap to reliable data. This approach minimizes data duplication and enhances security by maintaining a trusted network of data sources and wallets. We are focused on making data sharing between different wallets and sources smooth and easy, while giving users control over their data. Read more on data sharing.

2. Public-Private Collaboration: A Key to Digital Wallet Success

A recurring theme was the necessity of collaboration between private enterprises and the public sector to ensure the success of digital wallet solutions. The user experience is critical for the adoption and efficacy of European Digital Identity (EUDI) wallet solutions, highlighting the importance of streamlined processes.

itsme® can be used in both the public and private domain. In Belgium more than 3000 online platforms both in private and public sector use itsme® for identification, authentication, signing or data sharing.

3. AI and Digital Identity: Balancing potential and challenges

Artificial Intelligence emerged as another crucial area, offering immense potential but also presenting challenges, especially concerning data accuracy and integrity. Clean, well-labeled data was identified as a primary concern for leveraging AI effectively in digital identity solutions.

4. Digital Inclusivity: Ensuring access for all

Once user adoption is high, the question of inclusivity arises. Ensuring that digital identity solutions cater to everyone becomes crucial. Therefore, online services must be universally available and easily accessible, providing various user-friendly identity options.

At itsme®, we show a strong commitment to digital inclusion and accessibility. In the past year, we have taken important steps to achieve this goal. Today, we are committed to making accessibility a top priority in our product development and business strategy. Read more about our commitment to accessibility.

5. The power of reusable Digital Identity

As the digital identity landscape evolves, standards and regulations surrounding data privacy and security become increasingly stringent. Reusable digital identities or "identity wallets" are gaining attention due to their ability to meet these high standards while providing convenience to users. It allows individuals to use a single verified identity across multiple online services, reducing the need for repetitive data entry and enhancing security.

itsme® offers a future-proof, user-friendly and re-usable identity. By offering data integrity and supporting secure online interactions, itsme® contributes to the advancement of the digital identity ecosystem.

itsme, leading Digital Identity in Europe

Identity Week provided a dynamic forum where itsme actively contributed insights and strategies. From digital wallets to AI, itsme remains steadfast in pioneering secure, accessible, and future-proof reusable identity solutions across Europe.