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itsme commits to digital inclusion and accessibility

At itsme, we show a strong commitment to digital inclusion and accessibility. In the past year, we took important steps to achieve this goal. We launched an updated IOS app for the blind and visually impaired and introduced a new improved website. Now, we are committed to making accessibility a top priority in our product development.

The blind and visually impaired 

Last year, we introduced an improved version of the iOS app specifically designed for people with visual impairments. By using Apple's voice-over technology, the new Pinpad feature has become easily manageable for users with visual impairments.  

Tracking accessibility KPI’s 

Starting this year, itsme® will implement accessibility Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to monitor progress and potential issues in the itsme® app. Parameters such as the number of users activating the voice-over feature or dark mode will be closely monitored. This data will be used for future design adjustments, ensuring itsme® remains responsive to the needs of the users. 

itsme® menu screen in darkmode

Website: AA-level

Laptop with screen of the itsme® website

For the itsme® website, we are dedicated to achieving full AA-level compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). To meet this goal, our team has created a comprehensive checklist that is diligently followed. This includes features such as contextual voice-over for images and keyboard navigation for pages

Research and expert consultants

Last year, a comprehensive study was carried out by external consultants, Eleven Ways and Anysurfers. They assessed the accessibility of the itsme app with the new IOS feature and the new website. The findings indicated that both the app and website now offer improved usability, with no major barriers identified. 

In April of this year, a follow-up examination of a recent update of the itsme app took place and further confirmed our commitment to accessibility. The minor recommendations by Eleven Ways have been implemented.