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Qualified documents signed with itsme and

Small businesses, freelancers and private individuals all like to simplify their administration. But signing certain documents or agreements often still involves a whole flow of paper.  Printing these documents, adding signatures and scanning them again means a lot of work and the signature also loses its value. Since 2020, the platform has provided an easy solution for signing documents in a legally binding way, even if you only have to sign things a few times a year. And itsme is ranked nº 1 when it comes to signing with currently, 62% of all documents on the platform are signed with itsme.

Thanks to the services of the Doccle administration platform has been providing qualified electronic signatures since 2020. You can sign documents via the with itsme Sign or with your eID.

itsme Sign: qualified signatures

Unlike a signature on paper, there are many ways to sign online and there are also significant differences in the security level and legal value of these signatures. The European eIDAS* regulation defines three types of electronic signature: the ordinary electronic signature, the advanced electronic signature and the qualified electronic signature.

The qualified signature offers the advantage that the identity of the signatory is linked to the signature through a personal, qualified certificate from the qualified trust service provider.  A signature placed with itsme® is a qualified electronic signature that is recognised by eIDAS and all EU member states. This means that the itsme® Sign signature has the same legal value as its handwritten equivalent and is protected against forgery and counterfeiting qualified signatures for everyone demonstrates that you do not have to be a big company to enjoy the benefits of a digital signature. Smaller companies, freelancers and even private individuals can also easily purchase qualified signatures based on their actual needs, thanks to's prepaid formulas. The interface is also very easy to use: the whole action is completed within a few minutes, in combination with itsme.  

Most users choose itsme

A good 62% of all users of choose to sign with itsme®. Contracts and documents are signed quickly and legally with itsme® using your smartphone. And each signature is carried out in the same familiar itsme® way every time.

New functionalities

In March 2022, enhanced its services to offer new functionalities that better meet the requirements of its users community. The new features include the ability to add a legal disclaimer to documents. They also enable a larger document size to be used and introduce a very clear display of all the electronic signatures entered on documents.

Managing your documents in Doccle

You can also link your account to Doccle, the biggest digital administration platform in Belgium, which is recognised as a trusted service provider by eIDAS. And with Doccle integration, you can save all your signed documents in a clearly organised way within a reliable digital environment