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From today onwards attach a legally binding signature to any document with your smartphone

itsme is now also the first app to enable users to sign documents electronically with the highest guarantee of security.

When it comes to signing, there are three types of electronic signatures: simple, advanced and qualified. This may sometimes leads to confusion, but don’t forget: there are important differences in terms of their security levels and the legal weight they carry. itsme offers qualified signatures only, which is the variant for signing that provides the most guarantees. 

itsme has been officially accredited as a ‘Qualified Trust Service Provider’ since 14th September 2018 as part of the European eIDAS legislation governing electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions.

What are the benefits of itsmeSign?

Using an itsme qualified signature, you can now approve a document entirely by mobile means with a social secretariat, sign an agreement with a temporary employment agency, obtain a loan from the bank, sign an official notarised document, enter into a lease agreement, submit a bid for a real estate property, give your official approval for the purchase of a property, sign a registered letter – and so on.

“Through itsme Sign, we have taken the final step for totally digitising a range of processes,” says Kris De Ryck, CEO Belgian Mobile ID. “The qualified signature feature from itsme gives consumers a very simple – and fully mobile – way of signing documents in a way that is legally binding. For our partners, this means that they can digitise processes that are currently often very time-consuming and hence very expensive. So it’s a clear win-win for everyone involved.”

How do you access itsme Sign?

Businesses wanting to digitise their contract management often use specialised platforms that handle the display and delivery of documents to the correct recipient. itsme Sign now features, as an option, on the main platforms for doing this, as provided by Connective, Doccle, Isabel Group and Luxtrust. This means that the customers of these companies can simply ask to activate the itsme Sign option without any implementation work required.

The development of itsme Sign is a major step forward in the handling of electronic documents and will undoubtedly be of interest to a great many companies.