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Evidos introduces itsme qualified electronic signature in the Netherlands

Market leader in digital signing and identification, Evidos is the first to offer the qualified electronic signature (QES) from itsme in the Netherlands. Signatories can now easily sign digital documents using the itsme app. The qualified electronic signature has the same legal value as a handwritten signature and meets the highest eIDAS security level.

itsme is now launching its qualified electronic signature (QES) in the Netherlands via the itsme app, which serves as the user's verified digital identity and can be used to log in, share data, confirm orders and sign documents.

Evidos is the first partner to include the itsme QES in its range of services. Document providers can request the qualified signature from Evidos, which means that no physical paperwork or extra administration is required. Signatories only need the itsme app to be able to sign and all data is encrypted so that only users can access it.

"The electronic signature makes signing much quicker and easier. Thanks to itsme, it now has the same legal value as a handwritten signature. Easy to use straight away with our web portal and web service API for SMEs and companies Together with itsme, Evidos is making the qualified electronic signature accessible to a wide audience," explains Zivko Lazarov, Co-Founder of Evidos.


The qualified electronic signature tells you that the eIDAS Regulation service has confirmed its authenticity and serves as proof of the identity of the signatory. It’s supported by a provider on the EU Trusted List and has the same legal value as a normal handwritten signature. The eIDAS regulation provides a legal framework for the use of electronic signatures throughout Europe.


Originally from Belgium and already boasting over 6 million users in its homeland and in the Netherlands, itsme meets the highest security requirements thanks to the unique combination of smartphone, app and the user's secret itsme code (or biometrics). What’s more, it only takes two minutes to create an itsme account and it’s fully digital, with your NFC ID or passport being read.

"The introduction of the itsme QES via Evidos is the next step in the roll-out of itsme in the Netherlands, so we’re pleased to be introducing the country to the qualified electronic signature via the itsme app, an itsme application that has already made life a lot easier for companies and private individuals in Belgium," says itsme CEO Stephanie De Bruyne.