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Beware of phishing

Be vigilant!

We’ve recently heard of a lot of fake e-mails and text messages proclaiming to come from itsme. Phishers have been very convincing in their use of the name and logo of itsme so it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish real from fake. Fortunately, you can recognise fake messages very quickly!

If there is a link, it’s fishy and not from us!

itsme guarantees it will NEVER send you a link in a message to reactivate or update your account. Not by text message. Not via e-mail. Don’t be fooled: NEVER click on a suspicious link. ALWAYS take any itsme action via the itsme app.

Trust the itsme app

Scammers may be able to send fake messages via text, e-mail or even by telephone, but they cannot send notifications to your personal itsme app to log in for example. Only websites and apps of our partners are able to do this. And that is precisely what makes itsme so secure. All online actions must take place via the itsme app: it’s the ultimate guarantee for your online security.

Don’t be fooled: 5 itsme tips against phishing

  • Reactivate always via itsme

    Need to reactivate your account? Then always go to the itsme app or the website: NEVER follow a link in an e-mail or text message because that’s not to be trusted.

  • Never reactive your account without cause

    Remember that itsme will never ask you via e-mail, SMS or phone to reactivate your account or to re-enter your bank details.

  • Start every itsme-action safe

    A request for online identification via a link? You are asked to choose your bank? This is phishing! Always start any action from the partner's website or app. e.g. eBox, MyMinfin,... or even itsme.

  • Keep your bank details safe

    NEVER give your bank details over the phone or via (a link in) an e-mail. Always start your itsme action via the itsme app or the partner website.

  • Report your scammer

    Have you recently received an e-mail or SMS from someone pretending to be itsme? Send the e-mail or SMS to [email protected].

Digital security

Highest digital security

Your digital identity only works thanks to the combination of three elements: your smartphone, your itsme app and your personal itsme code. A unique combination which allows only you to access your digital identity.