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From expansion to enhancement: Our top 5 app updates in 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, we reflect on a year characterized by substantial growth and significant product advancements. In this article, we delve into the top five product developments that marked 2023.

1. Expanding horizons

At the beginning of the year, we introduced itsme to Luxembourg, marking the beginning of an expansion across the Benelux region. As the year unfolded, our presence quietly extended to Ireland and Portugal, and today, we celebrate the addition of Italy and Estonia to our growing list of supported regions.

2. Growing our team

While not a direct product innovation, fostering innovation relies on having the right team in place. We not only substantially increased our staff but also brought in in-house app developers, which led to a significant app upgrade in March. And this upgrade laid the foundations for further developments to make our app more user-friendly and secure.

Team itsme® september 2023

3. Easier installation process

Acknowledging the challenge of the installation complexity, we started the road for major product improvements. Reactivating or activating accounts is now a seamlessly integrated process, and users can independently manage changes to their phone numbers without contacting our team.

4. QR code authentication

Aside from streamlining the account activation procedure, we have introduced a QR code login option alongside the phone number login to enhance the overall customer experience. You can find more information about the QR code feature on our dedicated FAQ page.

5. In-app communication

Acknowledging the central role of our app as the primary itsme channel, we are moving to more communication within our trusted app. The latest discovery page, which previously existed as a webpage featuring business logos, has now been integrated into the app. This relocation provides users with a more intuitive means of navigating itsme use cases and securely accessing relevant information. Is your company logo missing? Reach out to our team!

Do you have some questions about these product updates or our plans for the future? Don't hesitate to contact our team