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We are launching the itsme app internationally

This is an outdated article, discover the most recent list of available countries here:

We are excited to share the news of our expansion beyond the Benelux and broader into the European market. Worldwide, the demand for secure and user-friendly identity solutions is growing. In Belgium, itsme has been at the forefront, providing trusted identity solutions accessible to every citizen. Today, itsme is already available in Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg. We are now gearing up to extend our product to an additional 9 European countries! 

9 new countries  

Besides Belgium, residents of The Netherlands and Luxembourg can already create an itsme account with their ID or passport with NFC technology. In the upcoming months, we want to expand and gradually open the itsme app for citizens from France, Estonia, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

First new country: France 

We are successfully testing account creation in France with the objective of allowing French residents to install itsme by the beginning of November this year ('23). Once the implementation is complete for France, we will assess other countries and their market readiness, giving priority to those with the most promising business opportunities. As a result, we will gradually open itsme in these different countries.

New country available? Start signing with itsme®!

As soon as a new country becomes available, any citizen with an active itsme® account can start using itsme® to sign documents. Our qualified electronic signature (QES) holds the same legal weight as a handwritten signature and is available on all major European and international signature platforms, including Adobe Acrobat Sign, Connective, DIOSS, Docusign, Dokobit, Evidos, Onespan, Signicat, Zeticon and more.  Contact us for more information.

Easy and secure enrolment  

Residents from The Netherlands, Luxembourg and soon other European countries can create their itsme account through a user-friendly registration procedure. There is no requirement for an eID card reader or a bank card/app.  Depending on the country, residents can install the itsme app using their eID, passport, or even residence permit. The installation only takes two minutes and it’s 100% digital, easy and secure.   

 How to create an itsme account with NFC

Want to learn more about the expansion? Get in touch with our experts