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Easy access to the online platforms of the Independent Health Insurer Funds

The Independent Health Insurance Fund Omnimut is the first Belgian health insurer that gives its members access to their online counter via the simple itsme application: an ultra-secure method of authentication that is widely used by banks and public authorities.

The Independent Health Insurance Funds have always been forward-looking in terms of administrative simplification. A few years ago, they began their digital transformation process, modernising their tools so as to provide 24/7 service. With itsme, the Independent Health Insurance Funds are once again taking a step toward administrative simplification. By downloading the app, members can very easily identify themselves at their health insurer, view the details of their reimbursements for medical care and of the benefits to which they are entitled, or securely order documents electronically.

Thanks to this technology, citizens will soon be able to consult their entire individual medical dossier thanks to the link between the online platforms of the health insurers. Omnimut will be the first Independent Health Insurance Fund to offer this service, but soon the 2.2 million members of the group will also have access to it. The Independent Health Insurance Funds already have 1,050,000 active users on the online platforms and the number is constantly growing.