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We're opening itsme in more European countries

In our ongoing quest to provide secure digital identity solutions across Europe, itsme has opened its app in France, with the United Kingdom and Spain anticipated as the next destinations. This expansion underscores our commitment to meeting the increasing demand for reliable identity solutions, extending beyond our roots in BeNeLux to serve a broader European audience.

Looking forward

We're actively laying the groundwork to technically open the app for citizens from the United Kingdom and Spain, and in the coming months, we're planning to open some new Nordic countries too.

Immediately available

Residents of newly opened (and upcoming) European countries can create their itsme accounts through a user-friendly registration process, requiring no specialized equipment and accepting various forms of identification, including passports, eIDs, or residence permits, for a 100% digital, easy, and secure enrolment.

With each new country added, itsme users can instantly use the app's itsme Sign feature to securely sign documents. The Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) holds the same legal weight as a handwritten signature and seamlessly integrates with major European and international document platforms.

Coverage and documents

Explore the list of countries where itsme® is available, the types of ID documents accepted for activating an itsme® account, and the specific ID data collected in the process.

Stay Connected, get involved

As we continue to open new countries, we encourage you to stay updated on our progress and express interest in our services in your country. Whether you're curious about our plans for future expansions or have questions about our services, our team is here to support you every step of the way.