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Shop securely online without a card reader… with itsme!

Still got some online shopping to do before you go on holiday this summer? Well, now you can leave that all but practical old card reader in the cupboard: you won’t need it any more for shopping online. In addition to logging in and confirming transfers, you can now approve purchases made online with your Visa or Mastercard using the itsme app.  Whether you're booking plane tickets or buying that nice new set for the garden, your card reader is no longer required for easy, secure online shopping.

Secure and transparent

A transfer or a transaction should take place in total security. The multi-factor authentication of itsme guarantees that you benefit from this security through the unique combination of your smartphone, the installed itsme app and your 5-digit code. 

Every itsme action is totally transparent, because you can see very clearly exactly how much you are paying and to whom. itsme provides you with a crystal-clear way of confirming or refusing your online purchases. absolutely nothing will happen without your express consent. Which means you are always in control.  So you can shop with total peace of mind and get ready for your holiday without a care in the world… without a card reader, either – just itsme!

Confirm your online purchases with itsme with the following partners:*

*Only via desktop or tablet, with exception of ING