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itsme is officially recognised by the Belgian government

The mobile ID app itsme has now been officially recognised by the Belgian government. From now on, everyone can use itsme as a simple, fast way to connect with numerous public services – and to enjoy the highest level of security when doing so. Say goodbye to those unwieldy card-readers: all you need is your mobile phone. Right now, itsme already has more then 125,000 active users and a growing number of applications.

The itsme app replaces all of your card-readers, passwords and other tokens with one 5-digit secret personal code. It’s always the same code, wherever and whenever you use it. You can also connect using your digital fingerprint. The itsme app also enables you to confirm online transactions (such as payments), quickly and securely. Creating an itsme account is done in just a few steps. Your identity is linked securely to the itsmeapp via your bank or using your eID, at the itsme website.

For all your contacts with the government

From now on you can also use itsme at CSAM, the access portal for the government’s online services. This means that with itsme, every Belgian citizen now has a very straightforward way of accessing a growing number of public services, such as Tax-on-WebMyPensionStudent@WorkMyMinfin as well as a whole series of local authority services. itsme does not replace your official eID, but it does provide you with a powerful additional tool that greatly simplifies your online dealings with the authorities.

Through the launch of this new, free means of identification we are making it easier to use the government’s online services.” states Alexander De Croo, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Digital Agenda, Telecommunications and Postal Service“Thanks to itsme®, the Belgian citizen can now access numerous public services online, wherever and whenever they want.”

“Any security policy worthy of the name requires first and foremost that the public authorities know who is who” says Jan Jambon, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Security and the Interior“All too often we see criminals passing themselves off as someone else. We need to do everything we can to protect our citizens from this type of situation. Identity fraud keeps on spreading to new forms of crime. itsme is a tool that enables us to make real progress in our fight against identity fraud.”

Kris De Ryck, CEO Belgian Mobile ID: “In a digital world, every individual needs a simple, secure way of accessing the government’s online services. To make this possible, the government has made enormous efforts over the past two years. Belgium is making rapid progress in this area and we are delighted that itsme is able to make an important contribution in that area.”