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itsme makes your digital life easier during lockdown, while respecting your privacy

itsme speeds up digital switch for citizens and business, making online life in quarantine easier

Now that we’re not even allowed to leave home, we are turning en masse to digital solutions. The itsme app is an efficient tool for identifying yourself online and provides a fast and safe way to log into websites to handle your administrative needs digitally. Through the app, all sorts of online initiatives are being launched to make life easier in lockdown.

It’s amazing the way the corona crisis is speeding up the use of digital in our community. We’re holding meetings online, attending classes remotely and even signing contracts electronically. And the itsme ID app keeps all that online administrative hassle to a minimum. Without having to fill in a long to-do list of forms, scan eIDs or send back contracts through the post. Because with itsmeit’s one app and one personal code, enabling you to share your personal details quickly and securely to identify yourself online, log into websitesconfirm digital transactions and sign documents electronically.

itsme already has more than 1.7 million active Belgian users. The itsme ID app operates in all areas of our daily lives: in addition to government departments, it covers banks, insurance companies, notaries, document managers, telecoms and HR companies, real estate agencies, health funds, hospitals – the list goes on. You can also use itsme to log into more than a thousand government applications, including Tax-on-web, MyPension, MyMinfin and Student@Work.

Digital acceleration: easy to use, safe and respecting your privacy  

In these corona times, people and businesses have a greater need than ever to communicate digitally – with each other and with the government. In this context, being able to prove “I am who I say I am” becomes even more important. And thanks to itsme, you can do exactly that, with the highest level of security and privacy. With the unique combination of your mobile phone, your itsme app and your personal code, you can really prove that you are who you say you are: “It’s me”.

“Although our lives have been turned upside down by the coronavirus, the forced digital acceleration we are experiencing also has its advantages,” says Kris De Ryck, CEO van Belgian Mobile ID“It’s only now that many people are truly learning about the possibilities of teleworking and holding meetings online. As a result, we are suddenly working more efficiently as well as learning to adjust more quickly to new technologies. In this difficult period of social isolation, digital solutions may help to sweeten the bitter Covid-19 pill.”

But the extraordinary situation we find ourselves living in at the moment is also encouraging the creation of new applications and platforms that should make life easier for us – or, more importantly – should help us win the fight against Covid-19 and prepare us for a time when both the economy and our daily lives will return to normal. For this to happen, it’s essential for us to find the right balance between efficiency and privacy. And this is where itsme provides numerous benefits in the current circumstances.

Because, with itsme, it’s possible to connect to a medical application or fill in a questionnaire containing sensitive data in a way that, while being totally anonymous, there is always the guarantee that it is the actual person. That’s because each itsme account is unique, as well as being connected to the person as an individual: “It’s me”. As a result, itsme guarantees that there are no “fake accounts” and that no one in the chain has to worry about duplicate accounts or double-counting.

New initiatives:

So, in these coronavirus times, the popular itsme app has become a much-appreciated tool for everyone – people, businesses and the authorities. Some current examples include:

  • government

  • health

  • business